Auto Correct or third party app

Spell Check, Grammar Check and Auto Correct are included in the free Open Office and other programs will it be added to eM Client?
Alternatively is there a third party app that will do it?

Difficult to say what the company has planned, but I personally can’t see them going beyond the spell check.

Never used a grammar checker myself, but I do use eM Client’s own spell check, which is OK for my messaging needs. I also use a third-party autocorrect that works across all my applications for things like conjunctions and words I regularly misspell.

What third party options are there Gary

You can search the internet for options, and there are probably some that would suit you better than me, so it is difficult to recommend any.

I didn’t grow up with computers so i don’t know what to search for can you help me with the wordage please?
Sorry to be a nuisance.

I will reply by private message.

He he - I’ll have to learn to use private message. I can do it on facebook is it similar here?

I already sent you one, you should get it automatically.