Auto Copy selected as Plain Text

On Thunderbird, the small add-on “Auto Copy selected as Plain Text” is very popular and belongs to must have tools. Has a simple function, but still can help in the resolution of the productivity.

Certainly, many people will be delighted when this function is implemented in eM. And actually is easy to realize.

When you paste in eM Client, you get a tooltip option to choose whether you want to paste formatted, plain text or as a quote, so there is no need to copy as plain text. Just past as plain text instead. :wink:


If you mean copying from eM Client and pasting into another application, most offer a keyboard option to paste as plain text anyway. Like Ctrl + Shift + V.

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What I meant is about copying from eM Client. More specifically, automatic copying of selected text from email’s body. With option As plain text, or not.

Select any text within the email you are reading. It will be copied to the system clipboard; you save yourself a Ctrl+C, Cmd+C, right-click + Copy or whatever you’re normally doing. Without any formatting, the text is copied as plain text.

This function is available in many software programs that can be extended with add-ons. Such as: Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, Firefox, Chrome,…

Like these Addoons:


It really doesn’t matter how or where you copy it from. When you go to paste it in somewhere, anywhere, just use Ctrl + Shift + V. It will paste as plain text. You don’t need any addons or utilities to do that, as it is built into Windows already. It should work in any application.

Mainly it is about automated copying of selected text. If plain text or not, remains optional.

What about if you want to copy formatted? Surely if you add a right-click option it is not very automated. Maybe I misunderstand. Can you maybe explain what you mean by automated copying?

I did it on this post.

I see, you mean just by selecting the text it is copied.

Then I must correct myself. It is only about copying selected text. (only from body of emails, and not from editable text)

It is a very common Add-on in parlour software like: Chrome, Firefox.
eM Client is very user-friendly and with simple functions like this can be even more.

Thank you so much. I looked through your resources but its way above my head for me understand it currently. I am learning to be bioinformatician so AHK is far from what I would like to know.