Auto-collapse account trees when moving to another

When an account is clicked on, the tree is expanded and the inbox is selected. That is a great time-saver and quite logical. It’s one of the things my old client (rebecca) does and outlook doesn’t.

It would be equally good if the tree were collapsed again when another account is clicked on, otherwise we end up with a huge load of account trees that have to be closed manually.

The way my old client handles that is to have the account tree collapse automatically if it was expanded automatically, but not if the tree was expanded explicitly by clicking on the little triangle to the left of it.

That way we have the option of either/both, and I do find that useful on occasions when I want to quickly jump between specific folders instead of simply the inboxes.


Hi, this is most likely will not be implemented, but we could consider to implement it if more users will support this idea.