Auto clear resolved errors

When eM has an error, that is later corrected, the error indicator & message should automatically clear.

When a user needs to manually “ignore” an error - that logically means the error condition and its underlying cause is still present. But as an example, if the error is a failure to sync, and a second sync successfully completes, there is no active error and the client should reflect that.

Keeping the error log available for diagnostic purposes is valuable - but for standard use continuing to display the error is more confusing than helpful.

What error are you getting?

Could be any kind. Sync error, failure to send, or other common error that might be caused by a temporary server problem, or a network connectivity, or sometimes a mis-typed address. As soon as the underlying cause is corrected and the problem resolved - eM should clear the error indicator and remove the message. But it doesn’t.

If it’s a eg: Physical Network error or TCP/IP software issue, the error message normally does automatically go away if you either close eM Client and re-open it or click refresh at the top.

Most mail clients will normally need to be “closed and reopened” to acknowledge a fixed network connection unless you are very lucky.