Auto clear resolved errors

When eM has an error, that is later corrected, the error indicator & message should automatically clear.

When a user needs to manually “ignore” an error - that logically means the error condition and its underlying cause is still present. But as an example, if the error is a failure to sync, and a second sync successfully completes, there is no active error and the client should reflect that.

Keeping the error log available for diagnostic purposes is valuable - but for standard use continuing to display the error is more confusing than helpful.

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What error are you getting?

Could be any kind. Sync error, failure to send, or other common error that might be caused by a temporary server problem, or a network connectivity, or sometimes a mis-typed address. As soon as the underlying cause is corrected and the problem resolved - eM should clear the error indicator and remove the message. But it doesn’t.

If it’s a eg: Physical Network error or TCP/IP software issue, the error message normally does automatically go away if you either close eM Client and re-open it or click refresh at the top.

Most mail clients will normally need to be “closed and reopened” to acknowledge a fixed network connection unless you are very lucky.

Not that I’ve seen. Yes - closing and re-opening removes the error unless it’s underlying cause is still present. But a transient issue (like a failure to connect that is then corrected) should clear itself.

It’s also a wording issue. Having “Ignore” being the method to clear an error is quite confusing. I can choose to “Ignore” a failure to connect to a given server/account to continue working with other accounts. And “Ignore” indicates a conscious acknowledgement of a known condition and a decision to proceed regardless.

Having a momentary failure to connect to Gmail/Hotmail - that makes sense…but as soon as they re-connect the error should self-clear. Without needing to close/re-open the program.

Pressing “Ignore” for a failure to deliver means…what? Did the message get sent to some receipients but not others? Is the message still in my outbox? Did it get saved to Sent? This is a common example for me so it sticks out.