Auto CC missing

Hi all,

I am new to eM so bear with me and maybe stupid questions. I searched the forum but couldn’t find a real info about this:

Its essential for our organization to have the option to define an automated cc with fix eMail-adresses e.g. to feed general mailboxes from project or our CRM system.

I found some ideas on google with templates and also the hint to the automated BCC option but this doesnt help much. BCC doesnt help cause we wouldn’t receive the answers in those mail boxes.

Isn’t it possible to add a feature where you define per account eMailaddresses that get a copy automatically when the mail is sent?

We had this in all our other mail clients.

Thanks for your help,

You will need to use a template. A different template can be specified for each account.

CC might not be a solution either. Having their reply going to that CC address is dependent on the recipient replying to all, and many might not do that, instead just clicking on reply.

Hello Gray,

thanks, this seems to be a way to go. I will try this a while.

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