Auto-CC and custom signature for aliases

Hey there,

After using Thunderbird for the last 8 years, I decided to change e-mail clients because TB began to chop up my system resources.

I praise the new Em Client v7, but I can’t find some critical features:

  • I want to auto-CC an e-mail address on new e-mail compose, and not auto-BCC.
  • I also want to switch to an alias and also change signatures automatically, without clicking the signature button.

These features are present in Thunderbird for years now, how can I use this features in Em Client? It was suppose to be better than Thunderbird, or more refined at least.

Hello Mihai,

Thank you for trying out eM Client.

  • We’re sorry the auto-CC option is not yet available, aside from the auto-BCC it is possible to set up rules that forward sent messages. Could we please ask what exactly would you use this feature for?
  • The option of setting signatures for aliases should be implemented soon, we understand the need for this.


I am also really missing the signature part, being able to bind a different signature to each aliases is really helpful.

I agree, this should be implemented as soon as possible!

Hi Maurice.

The only option with rules is to forward the email after it has been sent. This is not the same as CC because the recipients of the original email are not included in the forwarded one. So that is essentially the same as BCC, just with the subject prefixed by fwd.

Yes, I agree with the others; default signatures for aliases would be very useful. I am wondering what the time scale is for “implemented soon”.

2 years later and still not implemented?!?