Auto Category Learning Feature??

Can we get something simple like a prompt that asks if you want to label all future emails from the email address that you are adding a category to? Seems like this would be simple to implement as all it is, is adding a rule automatically. Hope you guys don’t hide this feature behind 8.0.

Your only option is to create a Rule manually.

Once you have received the message, right-click on the sender’s address and choose Create Rule From.

Yes I am aware. This is why I’m asking if it is being worked on for a future update.

There is no way to know if they plan on changing how the current option will be implemented in future releases. Even after a new release, there is no way of knowing what has been changed except by accidental discovery. Makes it interesting. :wink:

Do the developers not read this forum?

Yes, they do monitor the forum.

There are ideas on this forum that have been here for 6 years, with substantial votes, that have never been implemented. They are simply marked as “under consideration”. I guess that means at some stage they came to the attention of the developers, but you need to decide for yourself if that label has any real meaning. 

Thank you for the info!