auto bcc

Hi, I’m wondering if the auto bcc feature actually works when composing a new email.

I have an account (refer to this as X) with auto bcc is enabled. I want it to send all the outgoing emails to X itself, regardless of whether it is a new email or a reply.

In case of replying to an email sent to X, instead of composing a new email, Bcc field is properly filled and it looks auto bcc is working well.

However, since this is not the default account, when I start composing a new email, the default account is chosen on the editor window at first (which is alright).

Then, even if I select the account X on the editor window, Bcc field is not automatically filled, and I have to edit the Bcc field by myself, which isn’t my idea of auto bcc.

Is there any way to force eM Client to always add a specific email to Bcc field?

Changing the from address will not toggle the BCC. The BCC for whichever account’s folders you are in when you begin a new email determines which BCC is automatically inserted.

So if you are in X account’s folders, you will get X’s BCC. If you are in Y account’s folders, you will get Y’s BCC.

Ah, I see.

Since I usually prefer working with the smart folders and local folders, account X’s folder isn’t opened most of the time.

I’ll select account X’s folder before I start composing a new email from now on.

Thank you very much for your prompt response!