Auto BCC - Version 8+ May 2021

I noticed, there are several articles, on how “AUTO BCC” can be setup for previous versions. And according to one blog post on eM client’s features page… this is one of the most REQUESTED features.

Can someone help me get that setup? I can’t find an article or forum on this topic.

This is NOT referring to settings to add “CC” and “BCC” boxes to compose prompt/window. This means, a defined email address that will always get a copy of outgoing mail by default.

I just moved over from Mozilla, and rely on this feature to know my email was actually sent out, last night I missed an important email that somehow never made it out of my outbox. Ironically the reason I left Mozzilla after so many years, is that all the bug fixes are crowd sourced, so unless you have a request that everyone needs. It usually wont get fixed.

Thank you for any help you can provide for this specific version.
Previous version use menus or menu items that are no longer on this build.

This might be what you are looking for…

Menu > Accounts > General > Copies > BCC Address

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That was it, previous versions went under “TOOLS” menu.
Could not find the sub-menu, thank you!