auto BCC on all messages

Is it possible to auto BCC on all messages?

Hi, auto BCC is currently not a supported feature in eM Client, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases.

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When do you think you could implement this feature?
I’m sure it is essential for many of the eM Client users…

This feature should be included in an upcoming release of eM Client. No date for it’s release has been set yet though.

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Thanks, Great!

Can’t wait for the new release with bcc! Is there no way to get around it with a rule? Ive tried “If sent,forward to” but you loose the original senders email adress…

this feature is VERY important : i am new to EM and i am very disapointed not to find this basic function (not even available in templates to set BCC addresses!!). communication to my CRM needs to bcc all emails sent to customers. when will it be released  ?

Yeah, this is a basic feature of free clients like Thunderbird. What gives? This is enough to make me stop using eM Client.

true. very basic feature needed.
even basic gmail client on mobile i have not started using because of this!!!

Is this feature available yet?

Not yet unfortunately, this feature will be available in eM Client 7, the release of this upcoming version is planned for Summer 2015.


A show stopper for us to implement this mail client

Look forward to this feature also!

Soon will be a year of overdue…

Hello Richard,
this feature is implemented in the upcoming version 7, and available already in the public BETA version.


Hello, i’m just wondering how to implement this feature in the beta version?

Menu/tools/accounts/general-- enter bcc email address in Bcc address box

I’ve tried that in the release version of Em Client 7.  I type in the email address, hit OK, and the accounts window goes away.  However, it does not stick.  When I open the accounts window again, the bcc email address field is blank again.

Never mind - I solved it.  You have to type in the address, hit enter and it turns the address into a kind of blue box, and that sticks.

At first it didn’t work for me, then I added the email address to my contacts.  When I tried again it worked.