Auto BCC for aliases

Auto BCC is
worthless as long I can’t use it for my aliases. Aliases are a common feature if people share a e-mail-address without an extra e-mail-account. So they should be informed, when one of them is mailing using the aliased address.

I tried to get a workaround with rules, but then it needs at least two outgoing mails and a second rule to delete the second mail because of doubled sized content over the while. Nevertheless the rule informed BCC receiver gets only a mail with an eml-file. More convenient would be a rule for handling outgoing mail with bcc and a rule for incoming eml-files. Both are not provided by eM Client yet.

Of course the easiest way would be auto BCC for aliases.

Auto BCC with aliases does work. The way it works is that as soon as you start a new email, the BCC address is filled in. If you then switch the from address to an alias address, the BCC address remains.

I think maybe you want separate BCC addresses for each alias. You can set a Rule to forward all email sent from an address to another address.

Did you try that using the alias address as the from address?

The receiver will only get an eml file if you choose to forward as attachment.

What is the Rule you want to create concerning incoming eml files?

Auto BCC for accounts that stay filled out when I switch to an alias is no option, because, I do not want auto BCC for accounts, only for aliases.

The rules are, what I described in my post and exactly, what I did. But then I have two outgoing mails in my SentBox, what ist okay, as long I have no attachments. But, with attachments the described method is not very elagant, 'cause it doubles the size of my mailbox very fast. So I set another rule to delete the forwarded mail after sending. Surly, not very elegant too.

Second problem: The receiver gets a forwarded message with the original message as eml file. He can manually drag and drop the eml file to his SentBox, but I would like to have a rule for that. Unfortunatly there is no automated handling of eml files via rules. 

You can use one Rule to forward and delete.

The receiver of the forwarded email will not get the original as an eml unless you have selected to forward as an attachment. Make sure the Rule is using forward to people , and not forward to people as attachment.

Foward to people is no option  because then the receiver of the forwarded mail does not know the original meant receiver of the mail. The forwarded mail does not include the address of the main contact, only its own.

A -\> Mail -\> B (Info in Header about A and B) A -\> Fw: Mail -\> C (Info in Header about A and C, no info about B)

Btw.: Forward and delete in one rule deletes the original message not the forwarded one.

Right, so the solution you already have with Rules is the best because it works with deleting the correct sent email.

I have a suggestion. Instead of using an alias, why not just setup a separate account using that address? Then you can set a BCC on that, and all problems will be solved.

I want to use an alias, so two or more persons can share one address. Commonly used with info@ or mail@ prefixes. If I have an extra account, I can’t share it with others except using an alias again or run in troubles with emails marked as read flags, because everybody has his own account structur, behavior, e.g. time to read or delete mails etc. So none of my problems would be solved, they would expanse.

Neither are rules the best solution, because they are complex (I have a lot of them) and limited in recognizing and managing eml attachments. 

The best, most elgant, easiest solution would be to give aliases it’s own auto bcc as in my opinion the feature makes most sense with aliases, not with accounts.

Mostly the alias feature in eM Client does not provide a true alias. The header either has the original address as from with the alias as the reply-to, or it still includes the original address as the sent-by. That varies with email provider and the settings you have on the server.

So what I did was to setup up separate accounts instead of aliases. Then I just disabled the IMAP/POP protocols for each so I have SMTP only accounts. This is the same as what you do in Thunderbird where you can setup up separate Outgoing servers for your identities. This provides a true alias, with all the benefits of a normal accounts, such as auto BCC, but for shared accounts it does not receive incoming email. And of course no Rules required.

I find that there are ways to accomplish whatever most users had before with other email clients. It may not initially be obvious it can be done, and there may be an extra step involved to set it up, but in the end it works just the same.

Incidently, I did vote for this idea because I think it is very useful. That is who the other vote was from. :slight_smile:

Nice to know and thanks for the advice. It seems, that the header information provided by my mail server handle aliases the good way, but I can define aliases for my server explicitly. Thanks for the vote too. We’ll wait and see :slight_smile: