auto bcc does not work

AUTO BCC though duly filled does not show when starting a new message
what is the matter ?

If you have more than one email account, are you in the Inbox for the one you have assigned an auto BCC when you begin the new email?

Yes indeed !
As a matter of fact if I forward a message just received THEN BCC is displayed.
It’s only the new messages that come without any BCC

I was not able to reproduce this. Can you check that you are using the latest version available at

Yes I do it’s version 7.1.31849.0

7.1.32088 is the most recent version on the website.

Surprising ! When I ask eMClient to check for updates it says no update available.

Could it be linked to my windows 10 being 64 bits ?

The in-app update does not notify you of all updates, just the major ones. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you I’m now the proud user of version 7.1.32088 but yet when I wish to send a NEW message eMClient does not fill the BCC

One thing you can try is to remove the BCC from your account settings. Then restart eM Client and set it up again.

I tried it and it still does not work.

If you have two email accounts setup in eM Client, and you start a new email while in the other accounts folder, you will not get the Auto BCC. Or if you are in the Local Folder’s Inbox when you start a new email, you will not get the Auto BCC.
That’s all I have. If you have a Pro License, I would suggest opening a support ticket.

No I do not have two emails account setup in eM Client.
No ! It does not work whether I’m in the local inbox or outside of it

No I do not have a PRO LICENSE.

However I believe AUTO BCC to be a basic for a mailing software. I was studying it to answer the request of some of our customers to help them move from MS OUTLOOK to something better.

If there is nos solution I will conclude that eMClient is NOT the SOLUTION.

As I said before, I was not able to reproduce this. For me, and I am sure everyone else, it works as it should.

I had no idea anyone could be such an arrogant bastard in 2018.

I will endeavour to make sure the french IT community know that MS has found its master and avoid dealing with eMClient.

Jean-Nicolas, il semble que tu sois l’arrogant.

Jean, are you aware that this is a user supported forum, and you are not dealing with eM Client staff? My comments and opinions on this forum are just that - they are mine and not that of eM Client Inc.

Your comments seem reasonable to me Gary. I do not experience this problem but I will suggest that Jean-Nicolas reinstalling the program can help.

the facts are that I have reinstalled twice already with no change whatsoever.
As a matter of record I also installed it on an older computer with windows 10 Home and it shows the same result :
AUTO BCC for a transfer

Added a new thread for Version 8.0+ as menus have changed, if you can help it would be appreciated.