Auto-added GMail contacts are showing up in eM

Whenever I email someone, the Gmail web site has a little list off to the left towards the bottom that the person I emailed is added to. Like if I email about some widget I bought from them, Gmail puts in that list. However, if you go to, that email address isn’t in your contacts.

What’s bothering me is that the people in that list Gmail keeps is showing up in my contacts in eM. I’m not sure of a use case where anyone you ever email, you want all those emails in your contacts.

It works okay for me personally because I don’t have a lot of contacts and I just go through and delete them manually. But as far as recommended eM to my clients, I really don’t see it. A lot of people have a couple of hundred contacts and auto-adding everyone they email will just make their contact list a mess.

Is there any existing solution for this issue? Is the eM client being updated to address this issue?


do you experience same issue like other user here?…


Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s the same issue. I put my relevant details on the bottom of that thread.

Hello levander. Thanks for your comment in my thread. Yes, we both experience the same problem and that relieves me a bit as I as starting to think I was mad or something!
You are right: in Gmail website, in the left column, there’s a thing called “Other Contacts”. And all contacts there are people to whom I’ve answered their emails sometime in the past but I haven’t added them to my contact list. Maybe EM wrongly picks the contacts from here too?
Thanks levander!

Yeah Marcos, that “Other Contacts” thing you’re talking about, that’s the same thing I’m talking about.