Authentification failed - iCloud

Since 2 months, after sychronisation of iCloud a error pops up: “Authentification failed”. I changed my password, delete and set up new the account, reinstalled the EM Client, used a different PC.

The iCloud Support was my MAIN reason for chosing the app. But why doesnt it work?

WHERE are the PROMISED experts?

Could it be a 2-step authentication issue?

Hello Lukas,
the Forum is mainly designed as a Community support which we manage. With the BETA of eM Client 7.1 our experts need to give more of their time to the issues reported in testing and to our paying customers. Due to that we are, unfortunately, less active on the forum at the moment.

Read about Apple’s security and 3rd applications passwords here -
Create a password for eM Client and use it for logging in.

Hello Jay, I think you are right, I have the same Problem.

I posted about the same issue, it’s all around the 2 step authentication. I am not sure what to do, I definitely won’t pay for this until it’s fixed and I get a chance to test the application. 

Oliva - I respect your answer but I do think you are missing out on additional revenue for your organization if we can’t get questions like this answered. I am just about ready to start looking for the next solution.  

I removed the two step authentication and still still getting message. I used the two step authentication successfully on other apps but it didn’t work for this one. I thought removing it would help but nope.


I am facin the same issue with my icloud mail address. I am able to add the account data but then, em client tells me “unauthorized”.
I am going to add an account, I choose calendar and then icloud calendar. 

and it ends up here:

Two way authentification is not enabled and I am pretty sure I know my logon credentials :slight_smile:

What do I need to do to setup the account correctly?

Thanks for your support, guys,

I believe you must enable 2-step authentication with icloud now, or it will not connect.

Hi Jay,

first, thanks for your quick response. I had enabled two way authentification but disabled it as I faced the same issue, hoping, it would work when I disbale to way authetification. I can enable it again, no problem, but what do I need to do then to setup the icloud account in em client?


Try this:

Hope it helps

Hi Jay,

it works now. Thanks for helping a newbie :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.  Glad it all worked out.

I did the app specific password and it’s working for my calendar and contacts, but not my email