Authentication method, attachment name search and more

I want to recommend in my company using eM Client - mostly because it’s fast search feature, but also because is one of best email clients today. Except I have two problems, based on experience of using free version of this program.

First of all - some email servers requires specific method of authentication. And eM Client, as I noticed and as many other mail client do, trying to authenticate account using methods from most secure to less secure. Unfortunatelly, some servers have problem with that tries and reject authentication just after first try. I have that problem years ago when I was using Eudora, but that program has some hidden options including force authentication method for account and even if it was difficult to find, I finally resolve that problem. Other programs have drop-down list of authentication methods including “auto” which first time check for type of authorization and then save that type as default for account. As I noticed - eM Client do not do that and with some servers always returns error, even if after second try can get emails. Bugs like that are annoying and I understand that mail client these days should be user friendly, but this is basic option. I am not lazy person, I can search forum before I post, but I found one posts without answer from long time, so my question is - can I request that feature before I buy pro licenses or I must buy pro license and then get info that “we’ll maybe do it in the future”?

Second problem - every email program I know has possibility to search by attachment’s filname. eM Client can’t do that. Some programs can detach attachments while receiving email and put them into separate directory, so I can access that dir and find attachment by it’s name using filemanager. But eM Client also have no that funtion. I know that for personal emails that may be not so important, but searching attachments by their filenames is very important in companies that uses attachments as most important part of email. So if eM Client can’t detach attachment while receiving email (and can’t attach file in-the-fly while sending, without permanently merge attachment with message body) is at least possibility to add option to search by attachments’ filenames?

Also small question - where are special codes for templates? For example - I want to put my cursor in specific place of message - how can I do that? Why I cannot edit templates like I want - with settings of original message position (so I can, for example, add somethnig after that and still can put signature above original message and place cursor between initial “Good morning” and “regards”)? It should be possible if it’s seventh version of this program.

And last, but not less important - where are tabs? Who uses modern programs without tabs? Separate windows mode may be nice for some users, but give people a choice, please. I want one, single task on taskmanager, not separate every window.

I hope someone answers me these question, so I’ll can answer later questions in my office when we decide to buy this software.

As I see, number of new posts per day here is huge. After 20 hours mypost is on second page. I hope I get any answer, because I’m afraid that after I buy eM Client, I’ll be left with my problems unsolved.

Hello Peter,

Thank you for the feedback. To answer your questions:

When it comes to authentication, eM Client checks for the preferred authentication method on the server. If the server responds in a regular way, everything works. If the server doesn’t give eM Client information about the settings, eM Client tries all the settings it can. If, then, the server doesn’t respond, there’s nothing we can do.

The only thing that is possible to do in terms of attachment is making rules based on whether the messages includes them or not.

As for the templates, all of eM Clients files are saved in a database that we don’t provide access to.

eM Client unfortunately isn’t planning on changing the approach to tabs/windows in near future. It is something that the developers would consider if there was a strong interest.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for your answer.

Here are my responses because I think it’s important:

  1. Authentication - I know how it works, it works similar in Eudora mail client. I also know that some servers have problems with “tries” and can return error just after first try. I know myself one server with that problem, someone else on this forum have similar problem too. I think if you don’t want to give users possibility to manual choose method of authentication, then at least REMEMBER correct method during tests, so servers that not response “proper” have chance to be handled later without errors. This is based on my experience, I was succesfully able to lead solution of this problem on one hosting, but most companies don’t want to talk about any changes and improvements (you know - “if something works in 98% cases, why we must change anything”). In eM Client case it’s similar, but I hope you can change that instead of “fight with whole world” to configure their mailservers proper. It never happens, it’s much easier to improve one function in email client than convince all mail servers administrators that they made it wrong (sometimes). Remember that people don’t like to be prove wrong and mailservers administrators are sometimes paranoid and protect their email servers too much, so all you get is one chance to authenticate proper method or you’ll get error message. Your program is not webmail created for one mailserver - it’s universal desktop email client. So let’s act like that.

  2. I know that is impossible to search by attachment’s filename. My question is - why? Is it that complicated to do it? I don’t think so - I see attachment’s filenames when I see preview of email, so it will not be so complicated to provide that functionality in search.

  3. That was not my question. I don’t want to access some of yours templates stored somewhere inside program, I just want to know is possible to put some special commands like I described (position of cursor etc).

  4. I understand that. What I don’t understand is that “it is something that the developers would consider if there was a strong interest”. It’s wrong order of actions - people don’t know is something good or bad until they get it. The same was about tabs in any programs - first programs (especially browsers) using only separate windows, then Opera (if I good remember) shows first that tabs are better and people agree, so now every browser have tabs. I don’t remember any mass requests about that before. It was something new then, so people just discover that it’s very nice feature. Then some mail clients provides tabs too. It’s really nice feature because I don’t believe that people needs 5 separate tasks for 5 opened emails. But it’s up to you if you give people something they will like (for sure). Just don’t expect that thousand of people will write request for it. :slight_smile:


Hello Peter,

Thanks for the further description, I will pass it along to our developers.


As I suppose - your developers was very happy to answer me or make any fixes? :slight_smile:

Hello Peter,

Our developers will go through yours, as well as other users’ suggestions when deciding on features for future versions. I currently don’t have any new information.