authentication failed on icloud account

Can not get iCloud Mail to EMClient.  Have tried all suggestions but still failing.  I have a different icloud email address than I do apple id.  Not sure it that has anything to do with it,

Hi Jack,
have you tried using the mail in your apple id instead, then? Or does that not work either? Are you getting any error messages or can you just not log into your account through eM Client?
If you have a two-step verification enabled that might also make it impossible for eM Client to log into your iCloud mail.
Please share more details about this issue, thank you.

Best regards,

Got it fixed.  Left  off the “@” from the verification entry
for iMap. 

Hello, I enabled a two-step verification and now get this failure message. Is there any way around it or is it completely impossible with two-step verification?

Hello Katya,
have you tried removing the part of the username as Jack suggested below?
If you had the account setup in eM Client before allowing 2-step verification, you might have to generate an application specific password for eM Client or re-add your account.


Hi Olivia, I have tried what Jack suggested, and then also tried to re-add my icloud account but with no luck so far.

Hi, I got it resolved by creating an app specific password in my icloud settings. Thanks for all your advice!

Hi Katya,
no problem, glad the issue has been solved :slight_smile: