Authentication failed - eM Client isn't working anymore


I’m using eM Client with the same eMail-provider since years without any problems. For an unknown reason eM Client stopped working last week - it’s not possible to use SMTP or POP3/IMAP. eM Client is always asking me for the Password and the headline of the dialog diaplays [Authentication failed]. There was no update of Windows10 or other programs - nothing has changed. I also contacted the provider and he told me that he can’t find a reason for my problem on his server.
Meanwhile I made some additional tests and the outcome is really weird:

  1. The same problem with em Client on another computer
  2. Every other client (Outlook…) is working perfectly
  3. Other eMail-provider (gmail,…) are also working
    4. I installed version 7.0 --> SMTP and IMAP/POP3 are working! Update to the latest version --> described problem!

How is this possible, what can I do?

Sorry, I am confused by point 4. You say you installed version 7 and now it’s working. Is that your solution?

No, with 7.0 everything works like it should, with the latest version (7.1.30794.0) it’s not working.

Did you update both computers from 7.0.x to 7.1.30794?
Did you check with your email provider that you have the correct settings in your accounts on the new version of eM Client?

Both computers are running 7.1.30794 since the version was released (the installation of 7.0 was only a test).

The settings are 100% correct.

As I stated above, I have changed nothing - eM Client was running with the same version and the same configuration since July (until last week).

My guess, my provider changed something “minor” that only interfere with the last eM Client version.

That was my thinking also that your provider changed something. Who is your email provider?

AOL may have changed…

It’s only a real small local provider here in Austria (I don’t want to make it public).

The problem is how to find “the guilty one”. But I thing it could be eM Client because version 7.0 is working and all other clients I’ve tested are working with my provider.