Audio and video chat

What do you think about integrated audio and video chat?

In fact adding support for SIP/VoIP would make it a real killer app, and the first truly unified communication client out there.

I’m not so sure it’s necessary.

I love eMClient, but personally, the most important qualities to me are its speed and synchronizing with GMail calendars and contacts.

I probably would use the IM feature more, but since I only have a student licence, I can’t link it to my other IM accounts, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with the features already here.

I think what I’m trying to say is that it’s pretty killer as it is, and I wouldn’t want it lose performance, just for the sake of turning it into a unified communication client.

The only thing I really miss when I compare it to outlook is that there are fewer keyboard shortcuts, but personally, that’s a small price to pay.

Thank you for your opinion. What shortcuts exactly do you miss?

Hi Michal,

Well the biggest one I am missing is the ALT+S to send a mail. I notice that the update this week was supposed to add that function, but it doesn’t seem to have appeared.

Another example is I can CTRL+R to reply to an email without actually having to physically open it, but there seems to be some confusion with the Reply ALL or a Forward shortcuts. If I haven’t opened an email then the shortcuts are CTRL+SHIFT+R and CTRL+SHIFT+F respectively, whereas when in an open email they change to ALT+A and ALT+W. And I’ve just noticed now that when the email is open the shortcut to reply also changes to CTRL+R.

They all work but there’s an odd lack of uniformity which from a user’s perspective make it simpler to use a mouse rather than keep on getting mixed up as to which shortcut to use for the same process depending on what situation he is in.

Like I said though, I love the Client and it’s a small price to pay.

Sorry I meant to say “And I’ve just noticed now that when the email is open the shortcut to reply also changes to ALT+R”

You already can use Alt+S to send mail. Works for me although.

  • CTRL+R for reply has my vote

Use CTRL+F for forward and not search (F3)

Have a look at this, but now we are going totally off-topic:…

i agree with this completely, using g-voice and Skype, maybe even team speak integration would be nice, as far as video adding FB, Skype, and Google would be a good starter lineup. this would allow me to get rid of IMO and the Skype client and just have this open. Also why is there no Skype chat integration, i imported my contacts but i cant talk to them with out the actual Skype client.

Ok, Skype now is integrated (not tried yet).
The idea to have all in a confortable central place (The Action Bar) is a good thing. Maybe seeing a list of my cell phone calls also… Just thinking.

i think cellphones are possible but far fetched for what the em client is, to integrate your cell would to have it plugged into your computer. i personally bought a Bluetooth adapter for my phone and my headset etc but otherwise you would have to plug your phone in via USB in which point you will have easy access to your phone.

The integration could be done via Web, using Widgets. Some additional data could be received and saved (from an Android phone). That way, if the contact have some additional data from a Widget, that data could appear in the Action Bar as information only.

this is true,

I would instead prefer to see existing bugs and designed flaws resolved; I like eM Client’s focus on important features, but I think quality is more important than quality.

The current version of eM Client is cumbersome to use. I think the testing and quality assurance processes should be strengthened. Software as defective as the current version of eM Client can be quite off-putting. If eM Client didn’t have exclusive features (full Google sync), then I wouldn’t be surprised if people left it for better quality software.

i do agree that eM needs to fix their flaws, such as it doesn’t connect to g mail that well. However after hours of research there isn’t really a better client out there.

Yes this idea about a VOIP/SIP functionality would be greath. I have recently bought a (Internet Router with Phone support including SIP devices and SIP Providers with routing configuration posibilities.

  1. If eM Client would allow callto: or sip: on contacts, this would be very easy to develop, just a link for each phone or if right click on a contact, show first the context menu item “call by phone”, then a popup to select the phoen number. This would then call the SIP Client or Skype Appliaction as the user has defined the callto: action in the operation system. By the way I use the Ninja softphone from:

  2. The advanced implementation would be that the eM Client would support a SIP Account VOIP Calls to any number in the contacts, or click on a number in a mail body that was recognizes by the eM as a phone number.

  3. Voice Support for IMs like MSN, Skype etc.

This would eliminate the other clients.

sorry my swiss english accent.

regards, René

I sell the IPitomy VoIP PBX and I have got a number of my clients to switch to emClient for their email client. The only downfall is that in Outlook we can use the TAPI plugin to make calls on your deskphone by clicking on a contact in Outlook. It then dials the number and connects it to your deskphone. No softphone needed. It would be great if emClient would do the same. The main reason we push emClient is that it works with CalDAV and CardDAV where outlook does not. If the VoIP/SIP was added to it. it would be a true all in one package. The Skype addin is nice but my clients would rather use their deskphone not a softphone client.

Please contact me directly via email [email protected] with this topic.

If you would aslo like to see “delayed Send” added to emClient, please vote for it here:…