Attempting to forward emails but getting an error message

I am trying to forward some emails to my wife’s email address, and then delete the emails from my Inbox.
So I created a rule to perform those items, but am getting errors:
[SMTP] Cannot send message (Sending email “Fw: Not done fighting for Missourians” failed with error: ‘From’ field address ‘[email protected]’ not accepted due to the following reason: **
** “Unexpected end of stream.”)

Need help please…what is causing this error?

Could it be that when creating the rule the delete action precedes the forward action? Because the software only allows the creator of the rule to select the desired actions and it always shows the delete action as preceding the forward action. Is that the problem?

jueves 28 diciembre 2023 :: 1128hrs (UTC +0100)

I have to guess because I do not know the actual answer to your issue.
My limited understanding of Rules in eM Client is that they only apply to new mail before it is in the inbox.
We have a similar situation with some company catch-all mail and have found the best solution is to apply the rule on the mail server.

Someone with more knowledge of eM Client rules perhaps will confirm or correct.

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Can you open the rule and take a screenshot and post it here?

OK, here is a screenshot of the rule, with the first part of the email address scratched out.

As you can see, the procedure is to select the actions that you want the rule to execute, and in this case I have selected both “forward to” and also “delete”. Perhaps the problem is that the “delete” action is executed before the “forward to” action? Because the actions are selected by checkbox, there does not appear to be a method to re-order the execcution of them?

What version of eMC are you running (MENU > HELP > ABOUT)?

version 9.2.2157 (5b49542)

Are you seeing this error, “Unexpected end of stream”, sending other non-rule emails?

nope, looks like it happens when the rule is invoked.

Not sure about the meaning of “Unexpected end of stream.”

My interpretation is that something has interfered with the Em Client process.

Along those lines, I would like you to try something… temporarily suspend your VPN and/or Anti-Virus applications until you process the next email meeting the rule in question criteria…

I do not have a VPN.

Running F-Secure through my ISP, but it has been over 10 years with no problems with any other email client