attempt to connect failed

I am new to eM Client. Until today, everything was working fine. Today, I started getting an error message saying "An attempt to connect to gmail or comcast has failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. I have also gotten an ERR Cannot connect to POP server (2001:558:fe14:70::33 (2001:558:fe14:70::33:110), NB connect error 1460. I tried to update versions, and apparently I’m on the most current version. What do I need to do?


what version of eM client are you using? (you can find the version in Help > About)
How long are you experiencing this issue? is it possible you’re using two step verification on your gmail account?

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Hi Paul,

It.s 6.019861.0. I’ve only been on emClient for about 3 weeks. It happens regularly. I have to reboot the computer and it will work for awhile, then it seems to hit that error. It mostly happens to my gmail email, but it has also happened to my comcast email as well. What is the two step verification and how do I check for that?


Hi, two step verification secures your Gmail account, but it gives you the need to generate app specific password to make it work properly.
You can check if you activated it on this website :

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