Attachments wont send, Crashes when moving to junk - needs sorting

Two separate problems, I’ve put a ticket in for both but I’m yet to get a reply.

Attachments wont send - No matter what the size, normal emails with nothing on go through, a little slower but get there eventually.

My server settings are fine, started a week ago after working fine for 12 months

Next problem -
If i move stuff to junk and try to block or blacklist the domain, it crashes and has to restart, again started at around the same time.

I’m very quickly running out of ideas on how to fix this, any help would be great.


Just an eM Client user here.

My thought is that perhaps, if nothing was changed in eM Client, a software program, email server issue or computer hardware might be the problem.  Any of these can make correcting the issue difficult.

Software could be a type of anti-virus/malware program, or just another piece of newly installed software that doesn’t work well with others.  I had this problem with my Samsung SSD Magician software whenever I used it - it would prevent me from actually playing an online game I play daily (retired).  Once I figured out it was the problem, I stopped using it, as it was only a utility to check the health of my SSD.  Strange occurrence but sometimes other software can be a problem, though rare.

With an email server issue, you should check with them about settings and if there are some sort of limits with attachments, but assuming they are not the problem, something on your computer is doing the blocking, and it may not be eM Client.  

A computer hardware issue would be an example of a failing hard drive.  When a mechanical hard drive starts to go bad all sorts of problems can start happening that appear to be software related.  Software programs can get corrupted with bad writes to disk, for example. A failing hard drive usually doesn’t happen until about 3 years old or older, but can happen anytime. There are free utilities out there on the Internet to check your hard drive, if you would like to eliminate that. I, personally, use Hard Drive Sentinel, which can be downloaded free to use to do a simple check of the drive.

However, your first step might be, especially since eM Client seems corrupted in some way, to uninstall, do a reboot and reinstall.  If nothing changes with the crashing on doing blacklists then something on your computer is causing the problem.  If, when you did a reinstall, you can choose the folder eM Client creates to install itself in, do another reinstall and change the name or location for it - that will allow it to actually be installed in a totally different location on your hard drive, and should fix any data corruption within eM Client.

Just some ideas that might, or might not help… Hope you find the fix.

Its funny you should mention samsung SSD software, i installed it a little while back, I’ll get rid of it and see if it does anything. some good suggestions there, i have checked all those before posting so i’m left with the samsung software option …fingers crossed

The Samsung SSD Magician software, just from opening and closing it during a computer session, would prevent my MMO game launcher from starting up my game client.  The game would launch fine every time I didn’t startup Magician.  Took me a while to figure out that it was interfering with my game for some reason.  A .dll or some other code from Magician was loaded into Windows and remained active until the computer was restarted. 

I decided to uninstall it, as it isn’t really necessary for me since I have a license for Hard Drive Sentinel, and that basically gives me the same drive health information I need to check from time to time.

Not sure that would be your problem, if Magician is not started manually, unless it is set to startup when Windows starts.  Would be nice if that is the problem, since it would be an easy fix. 

seems I’ve solved the attachments not sending problem, i found someone had jumped on my IP at work, we use fixed ip’s so it kinda messed everything up. As for the Junk mail and it crashing everything i can live with that for now, Maybe time to start looking for a new client, the customer service from eM has been pretty poor.