Attachments painfully slow to start downloading...

Attachments do not download “for ages”… everything works fine in other email clients, but not this one. ( so its not an issue with internet speeds, etc) .

Worse yet, if there are two or three PDF attachments in a single email,  they often get SCRAMBLED TOGETHER.

Will this ever get fixed?? Very close to buying this for our entire organization, but this problem has been going on for months now…

eM Client is not compatible with all servers, and is not as forgiving with misconfigured servers as “other email clients”. Who is the email provider?

It’s an Exchange server hosted at Sherweb (the largest mail provider in Canada). We’ve never seen these attachment issues with ANY OTHER EMAIL CLIENT so I think it’s quite safe to assume its a problem with emclient … and emclient claims to be compatible with Exchange, right?

One thing, if you have been using this for months in your organisation with a Free License, you are in breach of the license agreement. You either need to uninstall eM Client, or purchase a Pro License. When you have a Pro License, you can get dedicated support form eM Client.

If you already have a Pro License for yourself, please open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to assist you further with the Exchange issues.

Look  - when software is as buggy as this one has been ‘right out of the gate’ , you can be sure I’m not going to purchase a SINGLE pro licence. Do you want to sell us a thousand licences?? GET THE BUGS OUT ALREADY!

 I’m trying to evaluate this for our organization, so it has to have a real-world test ( multiple accounts, hundreds of mail folders is very standard in our organization - and most others, I would wager!)

You are entitled to evaluate eM Client for 30 days in your business environment, after which you need to purchase a Pro License or uninstall the software. You should read the license agreement that you accepted when you installed the application. If you want to use the application illegally, don’t publicly announce that you are using the Free License version in your organisation for months. 

But as to your issue, I use eM Client with Exchange servers all the time, and these issues you mention are not reproducible in my own tests. I think that may be because I am not using your server.

Maybe try for yourself and connect to another provider that uses Exchange. is a good free option for testing. Just create an account with them, and set it up as Exchange in eM Client. Forward these messages with the attachments to that address and then open them in eM Client. Being that both the email provider and the server application developer are the same company, the lack of issues may just mean that their server is properly configured.

You can also disable any anti-virus, firewall or VPN on your test computer and see if there is any difference in the access time for attachments, though I have not seen this as an issue with Exchange before.

Otherwise look to your own provider for assistance. Sherweb has not been mentioned on this forum before, not ever, so this may be some new issue with their own server, or you are just the first from the largest email provider in Canada to use eM Client. Sometimes different email clients experience completely different issues with the same server and eM Client is not know for being tolerant of misconfigured servers. If this is the case, then Sherweb servers will be the second Canadian provider that is not compatible with eM Client. The other is Shaw who, BTW, also claim to be the biggest email provider in Canada.