Attachments not shown in eMail, but in contact details!

I don ́t know why pdf attachments in recent mails will not show up in the attachment bar. They do download as I have disabled all privacy security setting (no biggy with gmail). When I click on contact details on the right hand side of the email preview window all files appear. So why don ́t they show up within the mails?

Anybody with an idea? When I switch from one email to the one in which the pdf attachements aren`t showing, they appear for a plit second but dissapear again. How weird is that? I am using Win8…

Thanks for your help!

please download the newer version from… if it doesn’t solve your problem

Thank you so much! Now, this is a client I like. Waaaay better, cleaner, faster than Outlook.

Why is this not the version offered when clicking on the official download link?

The download link is the version which also appears in the automatic updates. We tend to not to make this public versions too often, as we do not want to bother our users with a new version every week - usually they do not experience any problems and there have been only a few bugfixes since the latest public release.

Hi, im getting the same problem since this morning.
I tried downloading the new version as you commented before, but the problem is that im using by now free license. It is asking me to get a purchased license.
Is there any other way?


Hello, could you please post here a screenshot of the message you are getting? Do you get the message every time you start emClient?
From time to time a similar window pops up - only as a recommendation to consider buying, but it doesn’t mean you have to do that…

Dear Tombam,

yes, i do get this message everytime i start it.
im attaching some images.

as you can see in the second image , it says that i can access my offline data, but synchronization, and sending emails is not permited.


Hello. It should be Ok now. If not, please deactivate the licence and reactivate it again (in Help->License) with the same activation key you got with the free license.

Thank you :slight_smile:
it is working now :)))

Very best regards.