Attachments are not getting download in eM client even after applying new patch V.6.0 .25504

We are using eM client to connect with Office 365 account. there was issue reported that attachments are not able to download in eM client V6.0 2334
Stated that V.6.0 .25504 will fix this issue. 

After applying this patch,couple of issue reported 

  1. Downloading issue is not completely fixed and its taking 30 min to download an 12KB file (Excel file), where in MS outlook its happens in seconds.
  2. One of the major change is after applying this update, most of the folders in the mailbox are missing except the main folders like Inbox, Sent items, Junk folder etc. 

Is there any fix for this ?

Hello, have you performed a folder repair on folders that have been affected by the Exchange attachment issue that caused the application being unable to download attachments from the server? Are you using any security software on your computer that may be blocking the connection between your client and the server.

I’m afraid this is more likely a different problem as the previous issue has caused the inability to download the attachment rather than reducing the speed for download.