Attachment reminder

Hi All,

Would love to see a feature introduced where we could exclude the signature from being detected by the forgotten attachment system. A vast majority of business users now have a disclaimer in the signature about confidential information and attachments etc, and its being detected by the reminder system making the reminder basically useless.



I agree, running into the same issue.

+1 here. I was just about to create this category and was pleased to find others were annoyed and having the exact same experience. It’s a shame because otherwise we’re having a good experience generally speaking with the em client using both Exchange and Gmail accounts.

Hopefully the developers are listening and this should be a fairly minor fix/feature to roll into a future release?

Fingers crossed.

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Hi again, ive upgraded to V9 and purchased a lifetime upgrade in the process. I would LOVE to see something implemented to fix this. We just need an option to ‘ignore signature text when checking for attachment words’

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That now appears to be implemented in 9.1.2109.0, it must fall under the patch note “Attachment indexer in a separate process”

Thanks Emclient!!

Sorry to revive an old topic, but did this get fixed?
I’m still getting the notification on every email send, I’m guessing because there’s a reference to attachments in the sig.
But it’s not in the body text as indicated by the setting check box.

The signature text is not included when checking for words similar to attachment.

Text in templates is though, so make sure you are using an actual signature and not a template.

Hi Gary,
Thanks for that. Yes, it’s in an external html file signature.
But I’ve just run a couple of tests and new emails don’t seem to trigger the alert.

Is it possibly checking the message bodies/signatures from previous emails as well?
It’s happening on replies and forwards mainly.