Attachment reminder

Hi All,

Would love to see a feature introduced where we could exclude the signature from being detected by the forgotten attachment system. A vast majority of business users now have a disclaimer in the signature about confidential information and attachments etc, and its being detected by the reminder system making the reminder basically useless.



I agree, running into the same issue.

+1 here. I was just about to create this category and was pleased to find others were annoyed and having the exact same experience. It’s a shame because otherwise we’re having a good experience generally speaking with the em client using both Exchange and Gmail accounts.

Hopefully the developers are listening and this should be a fairly minor fix/feature to roll into a future release?

Fingers crossed.

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Hi again, ive upgraded to V9 and purchased a lifetime upgrade in the process. I would LOVE to see something implemented to fix this. We just need an option to ‘ignore signature text when checking for attachment words’

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That now appears to be implemented in 9.1.2109.0, it must fall under the patch note “Attachment indexer in a separate process”

Thanks Emclient!!