attachment pdf

pdf attachment in mails cannot be opened and has a firefox icon…How can I get this to work again? Thanks for your help!

Looks like your association with pdf files has been changed to Firefox. Not sure what version of windows you have, as the procedure to fix this is different in all versions. In Windows 10 (I recall Win 8 is similar), go to settings/all settings/default apps/set default apps by app. Then click on your preferred pdf program in the left pane. Click set this program as default. Now you should be able to open your pdf files.

or left click on a pdf file
open as
choose  app
pdf app

You are correct (although I believe it is right-click). In Windows 10, however, this is a one-time deal and it will not change the default app, You must go through Windows settings to do so (wonderful “enhancement” by Microsoft…)

right click

You are right
its right click

Hello Marjorie,
setting some kind of PDF reader as a default application for PDF files, just as Jay and Sascha suggested, seems like a best solution to me.


I tried, but that doesn’t work unfortunalety!

Thank you! I think this should work. I just changed to windows 10, and I’m afraid ithas something to do with that. I now have to search for acrobat reader, which seems to have disappeared from my computer!

Hello Marjorie,
is there any error message when you try to open the attachment? If so, can you copy it?