Attachment is appearing in body of email and corrupt

Hi. I am using the client on gmail.

We are sending an email from a linux server to my email with a txt file attached.

If I look at this on chrome, it looks like an email with an attachment. When I receive it in eM Client, it is in the body of the file and the data is corrupted.

If I receive it in Outlook, everything works properly.

I can’t find a setting to manage this.


can you send me this email exported from eM Client into .eml (right click on mail - save as) to [email protected] together with this topic’s URL in subject?


I responded to this email 11 days ago with examples as requested. Is there an update?


I have responded to you over email.

for other users, this issue was caused by some weird email encoding. This is senders issue as email is always composed on sender’s side.

with regards

Hi John.

This doesn’t make sense. It is not a weird encoding. It is a normal attachment sent from a RedHat linux server. I can give you the linux command that is being used if you want (uuencode and mailx). I sent you samples directly from google mail and from em client.

I have now tested in several email programs (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail on iPhone and iPad, etc.) and all of them treated this as an attachment, not try and put it in the body of the email. Only eM Client failed to treat them properly. Google’s web mail also recognises this as a valid attachment.

I think your developer should look again at the issue. The question isn’t “how do I get rid of this customer”. The question is “why does eM Client fail to do what all the other programs succeed at doing.” A technical response is also valid (i.e. one with facts, encoding etc.).