Attachment extraction

It would be nice to be able to extract mail- attachments:
Saving the attachment on Harddrive and it will deleted in the Mail

You can save attachment by right click on the attachment and choose to save (or save all, if more than one attachment).

But it’s still in the mail.
It would be nice to remove the attachment from the mail.

Gotcha, so you need the option to delete the attachment within e-mail. Like Thunderbird.

Guess that up to eM… If possible, delete within the attachment history would be even better.

The difference between deleting and extracting is to save and delet in one step.
(sorry, my english is bad…)
In TB there is an reference where the attachment is saved.

IMHO you should have a new verb in Rules, so you can subject a particular kind of emails to this behaviour:

  • Extract the attachment(s) to a specific directory
  • Delete the attachment from the email
  • Store the email *without* the burden of the attachment (but with the memory / link of the attach)
    This way you will:
  • save the time to extract manually the file(s)
  • run immediately the antivirus on the attachment(s)
  • reduce by far the mailbox size

second that

Planned 2 years ago ???