Attachment error message on outbound mail

When composing an e-mail and attempting to send it I get the following error message - File “/” couldn’t be added as attachment due to the following error: Access to path ‘C:’ is denied". I have not attached anything to the mail.

I am running version 2.6.7155.0 on Windows 7 Professional.

Thank you

GD van Wyngaardt

Please can you assist.

what file you added as an attachment and how?


I am also getting the same error message when I try to send any attachment from any location [thumb drive, external hard drive or any other location]. Please help.
I am using the free user valid license of em client. I am using pc with windows vista 32 bit.

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Tushar Bansal

solution please

what type of file you tried to attach? How did you attach the file?

I have tried to attached different files [doc, pdf, txt. etc]. I clicked new mail to compose new message. Then filled in the sender email address, subject, message and other things. Then clicked attachment to attach the file. The file was attached at that moment, but when sending the email [by pressing send button], I receive the errror message display above.

I have tried to attach the file by using insert file menu also. But same error.

Thanks a lot!


And before you try to send such email, can you access (open) attachment file through e.g. windows explorer?

After much fiddling around with the application, I figured out the solution to the problem. The error was caused by signature template creation.

Here is how to fix it, if someone is experiencing the same problem:

  1. open the em client
  2. In the menu to Tools–> Settings
  3. Press Templates and Signatures
  4. Under Mail Templates heading, click Mail Templates…
  5. Now if you have created some signature template, click on that and click Modify.
  6. On the left side under Background uncheck “Use specific background in this template.”
  7. click ok-----ok----Apply setting rules and close settings.

Now compose your message…you should be good to go…

Enjoy eM client.


note: How about courtesy gift of free pro eM client license!..