attachment download and automatically save to a folder


I got every day mails from customers, who send me documents (e.g. -pdf or -jpg) in the attachment.

It would be very useful, if I could define a filter / rule, that save the attachments automatically in a specified folder.

Many thanks for the very good mail client!


For clarification: not a folder inside em-client, I mean a specified folder on disk-drive for direct accessing with other programs or for specified archivation.
Thanks Bernhard

Stop my e-mail please!Thank you.

You need to edit your profile to stop emails.

On the Account Information page, you can close your account, so you will no longer receive emails, or edit your settings on the Email & Notifications page. Uncheck all options to stop receiving emails.

I see this never got an answer and a similar question a year or four back was answered with “we’re considering it”. Strikes me as a rather basic function that can’t be too hard to implement, an option in settings to save all attachments to a specified drive. Any updates on “considering”.

There is an easy way to save attachments into a separate folder using a competing product and it is not automatic.  (The competing product is an email converter rather than an email client, so you have to run the program to extract all of the attachments, rather than the program using an email filter continuously).  With the click of a button, you can extract thousands of attachments in a matter of seconds.  The attachments go into a Windows Explorer disk folder, i.e., the real deal, not some kind of virtual folder.  Unfortunately this competing product’s newest versions don’t work as good as the versions from about 1 year ago.  I’m using 2017 version 4.1.240 which works great.  Like you, I would love to see this feature added into eM Client to make the competing product completely unnecessary.

Yes, there are a number of applications, including other email clients, that can do this. One addon for Thunderbird can even remove the attachments from the original message after downloading, which is really useful if space is an issue on your server.

But, I think that with the common practice of using the same account on multiple devices, it is more useful to keep the attachments with the message. 

Right now the only option in eM Client is to manually use right-click > Save All Attachments.

With version 8.2 out, is there any plans on adding the ability to automatically Download/Save Attachments in emails when they are received (maybe a rules setting)?