Attachment Caching


First of all, thanks for eM Client. It is really good and has become my daily driver for my office account. 

I have a small query: I find eM Client’s attachment caching duration to be very short. I know it saves the attachments in “Temp\eM Client temporary files” folder for caching, but the cache/attachment is very short lived. From what I presume, the attachment cache clears itself after only 2 hours? This is a very low window. Is there any option to prolong this? If not, can such an idea considered?

Thanks again.
Yogesh Jagota

You can always choose to download the attachment permanently by going to menu/tools/accounts choose the IMAP (Assuming this is an IMAP account) tab and select both “Download messages for offline use” and “Include attachments and images”.  Then the message body and attachments will be on your local system at all times.

I am not talking about downloading attachments permanently. I know that option well. I am talking about attachment caching, as is clearly mentioned in the title. I don’t want 17GB+ of my mail attachments to reside on my harddisk.

I just want to know that can the attachment cache duration can be increased. Or, a second option can be like most of the other clients, which have permanent attachment caches. Once you download an attachment, it just stays there forever.

An option for this will be nice.

Just wanted to make sure you knew the options.  I’m not aware of any way to do what you want to.

Yes. There is no option to do this as of now. Hopefully they consider this as a feature in a future release.