Attachment Bar Not Visible

I am using the trial version of eM Client and experienced no negative issues accessing my email from my work Exchange server until yesterday when I got a mail that had an attachment but because the bar below the subject line that usually shows that the message has an attachment was not there I thought there was none. It was only after I sent a response to the sender to say there was no attachment that I realised that the message did have the attachment icon to the right of the address/subject line.

I cannot see what kind or how many attachments the message has and the save attachment option only allows me to choose a folder where I want to save without seeing what I am saving.

Thinking that I had inadvertently messed around with a setting I uninstalled and reinstalled but the issue remains. Help, please.

@Ananas_Comosus Can you do a screenshot of the problem area not showing attachments. Also what version of EM client are you using and are you using Windows or Mac.

@cyberzork thanks for responding. The red outline area is where I would normally see the attachment with thumbnail and filename, if I had multiple attachments I would see multiple thumbnails with their filenames. The red arrow shows the small paperclip icon that indicates that this email has an attachment but clicking it does nothing.

My version is 8.0.3385 (83a873c) and I am on the most recent build of Windows 10 (64 bit).

@Ananas_Comosus Ah ok. Unfortunately i cannot replicate that issue with the same version no matter what i try. Hopefully someone on the forum can advise what to do to resolve this problem.

The ghosted small attachment icon at the top right of the emails that does nothing when clicked also happens for me too. I think its just meant to show you visually that there is an attachment with the email. I personally would have also hooked / linked that icon up to save attachments as well (when clicked) & not ghosted it, as no one would really know when ghosted to (right click) save attachments.

I just wish the attachments area would show all the attachments. An option to shut off the scroll bar. People at my job miss many files due to this.