Attaching OneDrive Files as Link in new eM Client


in the previous version of eM client when attaching files I was asked I want to attach as a file or a a link to OneDrive. Choosing link would add the link as URL right in email text body

In the new version this now longer works. If i chose link the email puts a long standard text from one-drive at the beginning of my mail before the email text shows up.

How to revert back to the old setting which was brilliant?


Does changing the message format from plain text to HTML make any difference?


eM Client 8.2.x does normally ask you (by default) if you want to attach files as a link unless you have eg: ticked the box “don’t show this message again” when asked the first time in the prompt.

So if its not asking you, go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Compose” and make sure you have selected “Always Ask” in the Cloud Storage Attachments at the bottom as per screenshot example below.


Thanks for the swift answers. Has nothing to do with HTML or not enabling cloud attachments.

See the screenshots below:

Pop-Up I get (and click yes) and way the message looks afterwards

The sender receives the message like this though:

And this is what it looked like before the update.
There would be the name of the file as hyperlink in the email-text with a link to one drive.

Clipboard 1

I think the official release versions of 8.2.x eM Client were ultimately “always meant” to attach any files attachments whether linked to a cloud storage or directly showing (under the subjects) and not as cloud text links as well “so its seamless to the user” when they receive the emails. I think it was just “pre-release interim versions” which had the text cloud links if you chose that option.

As with normally attaching files you generally explain in the body of the email what the attachments are all about. Recipients don’t need to know then if its a cloud attached file or direct file. They just open or save the file attachments as normal, and you just tell them what the attachments are all about.


I must say the interim solution suited my needs way better. Any chance to go back to the old feature?