Attach emails to existing agenda items via drag and drop

Is there a simple way to attach emails to existing tasks in the Agenda column?

So far, the best solution I can find is to copy an email to my desktop, open the task, select the “Attachments” tab, then add the email I dragged to the desktop from there. As a temporary work-around it’s OK but takes about 3 more steps than I’d like. 

In Outlook, it’s possible to attach emails to existing tasks or agenda items by just dragging and dropping the email onto the task in the Agenda column. Is there a way to do this (or something similarly easy) with EM Client? 


Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to automatically add the message as an attachment to the task nor by using drag and drop, however we’re currently considering improving this for future releases of eM Client.

Currently you can only select the attachment from the Task’s details by navigating to the file or by drag and dropping it onto the attachment area.

Thank you for understanding,