Attach email to email

How can I attach an email to an email?

eM Client user here.  Not sure.  I just click on Forward to send it to another person.

But I suppose if you do a Save As by right-clicking on the email in question and choosing it so that in the menu that appears you can save it in one of your desktop folders, for example_ _(it requires a folder to be saved to), you make it an attachable Windows Mail object that you can attach to another new email and read by any Windows 10 user (because Windows Mail is an app on that OS that every user has).

However, unless you really need to make it an attachable object, just clicking  Forward while that email is being read, and forwarding it to whoever seems so much easier.  You will be able to add your comments above the email being forwarded.  The just click Send  when finished.

Simply drag an email from the message list pane to a new email.  It will appear as an attachment with an .eml extension.

I will have to try that.  Thanks!