Attach download speed

Hi All, have just started using eM Client all is good apartt from attachment download speed it is painfully slow, is there a cure for this i.e auto attach download, if not gonna have to change client, thanks

You can change the way eM Client downloads attachments in your account settings. Menu > Tools > Accounts. If you choose this option then the attachments will be available offline, and will not need to be downloaded when you open the message.

The downside is that the initial sync when setting up an accounts might take a long time if there are many emails with attachments.

Spot on thanks

I am using eM Client version 7.2.33888.0, I am encountering the same problem but I’m using Exchange, so there is no option for me to change IMAP settings. 

How can I solve this problem?

Exchange accounts in eM Client will always download the messages for offline use, but by default attachments will not be downloaded. You can change that setting by right-click on the folder you want the offline option enabled, then click on the offline tab.

Hope that helps.

Hi Gary, thanks for the advice.  I followed your suggestion.  Unfortunately, I still experience very slow downloads, and many downloads do not complete; instead I get an error message saying the download could not completed. 

The image is what my Inbox properties currently looks like. 

Are there any other solutions? 


I think that Exchange issues are not discussed enough on this forum. Maybe that is because Exchange users are more likely to be using Pro Licenses and getting their support directly from eM Client.

Maybe I am wrong, and other Exchange users will give you some advice. But I don’t have enough experience to suggest anything further. Sorry N. ;-(