ASSISTANCE GREATLY APPRECIATED- -- No access to my eM Client account.. Why? Need to get into my email.

ASSISTANCE GREATLY APPRECIATED–I have been using eM Client for a couple of weeks now and have had some server connection issues (which I believe are a result of my livemail account being initially set up as SMTP/IMAP instead of Exchange).   It has been set up as Exchange for 4-5 days and  I haven’t had any new problems until tonight.  For some reason, I can’t access my email. Nothing happens when I click on eM Client icon (other than hourglass briefly lighting up).  Is the server not working?  Do I need to reinstall?  etc.??  etc.?? Thank you.

Hello J,

If I understood you correctly, whole app is not launching or are we talking only about emails?
Please check Task Manager during the launch for eM Client or MailClient.exe process in case this is an issue with launching the application.

Kind regards

Thank you Anthony,

I did ultimately get it to work by restarting my system (I had a ton of pertinent open folders and was trying to avoid doing so;  normally, this would have been a first step). 

In case it should happen again though, I’d like to know what is causing it and if I should be doing something other than restarting?  As for the problem, I think I’m referring to a failure to launch (vs. just emails) because I couldn’t access anything relating to eM Client (i.e., no “Mail”, “Calendar”, “Contacts”, etc.;  clicking on the eM Client icon brought up absolutely nothing.  My recollection isn’t 100%, but I’m pretty sure I checked Task Manager and no eM Client was running.

Thank you for your assistance.  

You are welcome,
I hope this was only one-time occurrence, unfortunately we don’t have enough information about what caused this situation.

If this issue occurs again, please contact us.