Assigning tags to specific e-mail addresses

Is it possible to assign tags to specific e-mails rather than having to tag the e-mails manually?

Thank you

You can do it by Rule, so all new messages arriving from a specified address automatically have the tag.

You can also apply this Rule to all previous messages you have received by right-click on any mail folder and choosing Apply Rule. Then just select that Rule and which folders to apply it to.

Or to do it manually, select all the messages you want and by right-click on one of them choose Tag.

Good news! Very clear, many thanks.

It appears I spoke too soon. I am using the following path: Menu/message/create rule from message/ create rule based on from

However, I cannot find the window you show above so obviously I am using an incorrect path. Would appreciate some added assistance in this regards.

Thank you

That creates a preset Rule that can’t be configured in that way.

Rather go to Menu > Rules. A server Rule may not offer all the options either, so before clicking on New Rule, choose Local Rules from the dropdown.

Then click on the New Rule, and use the Next button to progress through the different configuration pages, adding and removing options as required.

Or, there is a preset for this type of Rule you want, right on the first page, if that is easier

All you need to do is click on the people and tags none links to configure it.

Thanks for the info. Strangely, I don´t have the option of “Set tag”. My window shows 3 move messages and the last one is “Apply customs rule on messages I receive” but clicking on this last option takes me to a new window which indicates " Select conditions for the rule, where I can check “from people” but the next window does not show the option I need either.

I have no idea why there should be any discrepancy between the window you indicate and the window which appears for me.

Because you have not selected Local Rules.

What a dummy! Works fine. Many thanks for the help.