Asian language support

Does emClient support encoding for Asian languages, such as iso-2022-jp to be specific?

EM Client does support UNICODE. So it should work fine without a problem as long as you PC has the native code. But the program itself won’t be localised in Japanese. It would be English.

Thanks for the info TNCS. Menus in English is no problem. In fact, I prefer it that way.

Unfortunately, however, my experience with at least half a dozen other mail programs has shown me that Unicode does not always work for all Japanese language emails. It pretty much depends on the party I am corresponding with, and how they have their email settings on their computers. But my experience has also shown that if I have the option of selecting iso-2022-jp, there are never problems with my received mail, or persons receiving my mail.

So I guess I won’t be trying out eM Client after all. I appreciate your feedback.