Arrow(s) for replied/transferred email(s) - eM Client v7


In emClient 6, we had arrows in blue and purple for replied/transfered emails. But in the v7, we don’t have any more these usefull arrows. Can we have them back?


I just noticed something:
When setting in Sttings, Mail, read, Convesations is set as “Always show conversations”, I don’t have the arrows. In other mode I have the arrows.

Since in conversation mode replies and forwards are collected in the conversation anyway, it may have been considered redundant. In single message mode it is not obvious, if a message has been answered or forwarded.

If a flagged mail is listed in the agenda the state appears on the mail-icon in the sidebar as well, even when in conversation-mode. Probably because in the sidebar it only shows single messages.

Hello Fabrice,
the arrows are seen as redundant in Conversations view enabled in all views, as you can see that there is more messages in this view.
In other views you get only single item per line in the Message list, so the arrows are there.