ARM64 binaries for Windows 11

Hi there, just installed eMClient with a license on the Project Volterra box - that is Windows Dev Kit 2023 with a Snapdragon 8cx3 processor. Speed is acceptable, but not great. Are there plans to ship ARM(64) binaries for Windows? This would be pretty cool, and would also benefit the Surface Pro X / Thinkpad X13s crowd. Can we help to make this happen?

For now, we have decided to keep the setup simple for the benefit of both end-users and system administrators, and not offer separate 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM versions. So we just offer one version for the PC that runs on all architectures.

Besides, there is no visible performance penalty of running the application as 32-bit because the dominant operations are not CPU bound. They are mostly constrained by the disk and network throughput performance.

The reliance on the .NET platform also allows us to use even recent CPU extensions in the 32-bit mode without resorting to supporting the lowest common denominator when it comes to CPU models.