Are there Favorites availble?

Am just a day or two into emClient from Windows 10 Outlook 2016.

Is there a way to move the inbox for each account to an area so that they or link to them all appear in one place–much like Favorites in Outlook allowed?

Also how often does emClient sync for new mail?  Can that be changed?

Thank you.

One thing is that the Inboxes for each account are already combined in the Smart Folders All Inboxes. Favourites, as in MS Outlook, cannot be done in eM Client, but can be approximated using Search Folders. Right-click on Smart Folders and choose New Search Folder. The only items you need to change is to give it a name and select your folder, and then click on OK.

(And before anybody starts a war over Search Folders and Favourites, I did say it approximates Favourites. It is not quite the same, I know.)

eM Client will sync with the server depending on the type of account you are using. IMAP will sync instantly, while POP3, Calendars and Contacts will sync according to the schedule set in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization. On some accounts like Google, changing the sync interval below 15 minutes will not have any effect on Calendars, but will affect POP3.