Are there any plans to add auto-correct (Like MS Outlook) while typing in emClient?

Are there any plans to add auto-correct while typing to emClient? 
I’ve used them hourly every day in Outlook, Word, Excel, Acrobat, Chrome, Explorer and the list goes on. 99% of the applications I use on a daily basis has this feature, why not emClient?
I can’t believe emClient still does not have this feature!
I will not pay for the full version until this feature is added!

There spell check function and it works fine …

How can I add to this list?

Highlight the text to spell-check and make a right click . Languages ​​to verify the absence of them in the list can be added …

Can I import my custom dictionary from outlook or any program?

Hello Dane, you can use a custom spell check dictionary while working with eM Client. I’m not completely sure what formatting can you export your custom dictionary in, but eM Client uses a local dictionary for your regular spell check and a custom library for “your words”. By selecting an underline word in eM Client and right clicking the word, you can add it to dictionary.

This will create a dictionary file in your eM Client installation folder under “Dictionaries”, you can open the custom dictionary and add the custom word from your outlook dictionary, each on a new line in order to use these with eM Client.

Hope this helps,

Another useful aspect of Office/Outlook’s autocorrect is that it can be trained to replace words, so you can easily set up an autocorrect macro to replace a short string of characters with a longer, more complex on that can include extended characters, which is a great timesaver, better than signatures in some ways. 

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