Are my meeting accepts/declines triggering responses to the meeting organizer?

When I use outlook and get a meeting invitation, if I accept or decline, I get a dialog asking if I actually want to send an email to the organizer letting him/her know I accepted/declined the invitation. With eM Client, I get no such dialog, and would like to know (1) are these response emails being sent or not (I’d prefer not) and (2) is there a way to turn them on or off?

Hi Brent,
unfortunately eM Client does not have this setting at the moment, and if the emails are sent or not is usually decided by the server which the calendar is on (which in most cases does send confirmation emails)


The calendar is my “local folders” one, so I don’t know that it’s on a server. The requests are coming into an account I’m accessing with imap, so it’s not an exchange account.