Are IMAP notes supported or not?

Are IMAP notes supported or not at all? Or how much is supported? I’m asking as I can see them but I can’t edit them (see screenshot).

I needed to change the port from 993 to 992 (more can be find here:… under the section: Alternate namespace) as otherwise it didn’t work with my iPhone and iPad. On the iPhone and iPad I’m able to edit them.

IMAP is a mail protocol. Apple Notes is a function of iCloud, nothing else.

Hi Maurus, Notes, are not a supported feature in eM Client, maybe in future releases of eM Client.

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Thanks. But not only iCloud or at least Apple tries to push that also on the “normal” IMAP account (see screenshot).

You should be able to view the saved Notes for your iCloud account, however it is not possible to edit these items as this is not supported for IMAP. However you might be able to setup the folder as your Drafts folder using the special folder settings for your account and edit newly created items in eM Client, allowing you to edit Notes between devices.

However note this is just a suggestion, as previously stated, Notes are not a supported feature in eM Client.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it out but even if I define the notes folder as a draft folder the notes are being protected from editing. The other disadvantage is that I’m loosing the draft folder for my e-mail drafts.
However as you stated previously Notes aren’t supported by the eM Client hopefully they are going to be supported in the future.

Yes, I’m afraid that only the draft created in eM Client for this folder will be editable, but it should be possible to display it on your other devices under Notes.

Unfortunately it is not possible to define two drafts folders for your regular email drafts, however you can use a single folder for both of these if needed.

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I tried out your option. Here the results of it:

  1. The draft created in the eM Client can only be edited in the eM Client as you worte.
  2. The draft created in the eM Client is not seen in the iOS (iPhone and iPad) device. So it looks like that iOS is adding some special stuff as otherwise it would been seen as well on the iOS devices.
  3. On the WebGui I see the same as on the eM Client.
  4. One folder used for both is working (apart from the drawbacks mention above) but it’s hard to distinguish what is for what.
    Until notes are really supported I probably will enable notes on my iOS devices like that I can read it on all devices and edit only on the iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices. But like this I don’t have a mixture between draft e-mails and notes.