I recently migrated my e-mail (a godaddy account) from Outlook to em Client, and imported over 10k sent messages + 13k received, covering my law practice for the past decade plus. I just went in to the sent folder to look for an email I sent a few weeks ago, and all of my emails before 7/29/14 are missing.

I’m hoping they’ve been archived.  If so, then a few questions: 1) were are they located?  2) how do I get them back into the email client so they are readily accessible? and 3) how do I turn this archiving feature off so that this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Kyle, what version of eM Client are you currently using? Are these missing messages available on your webmail application?
Unless you have the automatic archiving enabled in your client under Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic archiving, these emails have not been archived.

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I’m using the free version, no I don’t have automatic archiving set, and the emails were long ago deleted from the webserver.  The e-mails were imported into the eM client by creating a .pst of my sent folder and importing it into the eM client.  So that covered everything up to about the end of June.  I do not have my webmail application to save copies of my sent emails on the server.  I continued sending emails from 7/14 onward through the eM client.  The last e-mail saved on my computer is 7/29.  So not only are the e-mails from my prior Outlook folders gone, but most of the month of July is missing as well.

So, if not archived, where might my e-mails have gone?

Thank you for your help.

Hi again Kyle, are you using a POP3 account or an IMAP account?
You can check this by going into Tools > Accounts > Your account, do you have a POP or IMAP tab in the account settings?

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Hi again Kyle, when using a POP3 account all your emails are stored locally, so if they must have been deleted.
POP3 protocol only downloads new messages from the server into your client and since that moment they are stored on your computer.
All sent messages are never saved to the server, just your application.

There’s no functionality that would allow the application to delete mails automatically from any of your folders though.

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If they were deleted, WHERE DID THEY GO?  They are not in the trash folder, so something happened to them.

Hi Kyle, unfortunately that’s impossible to tell at the moment, unless you’ve received any errors or unless you had logging enabled, we don’t have any information regarding this issue to determine what might have caused this. Are you able to replicate the issue?

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No, I can’t replicate the issue, and why on earth would I want to try?  I don’t want to lose more emails.  I just want to know the folder location and file name where the emails might be stored, and if there is such a folder, how to I go about reviving the emails in my folders?

I’m sorry but if you’re using a POP3 account there’s no folder where the emails might be stored, if they were in this folder and were deleted there’s no option to restore them.
My suggestion to avoid this in future would be using an IMAP account, where all your items are synchronized with the server, that way all you can see in eM Client you can see on the server as well.

Using a POP3 account all your items are store locally, and if an email is deleted it’s not possible to restore it.
Check if you didn’t move the email into any other folder, but I’m afraid I can’t be more helpful without any more information about the issue.

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You’re not understanding my question.  You said that “using a POP3 account all your items are store [sic] locally”, which by “locally” I take to mean on my computer.

I’m asking you, where locally on my computer does eM Client store them, e.g.,c:/windows/user/…?

Do you understand my question now?  Can I please get an answer?

Hi Kyle,

You can see in eM Client where the database is stored on your computer.

Tools > Settings > General > Storage

screen shot:

In that directory is the database stored which has all your e-mails, contacts, appointments et cetera.

However, I don’t think that will be of much help for you.

If you’ve exported your e-mails from Outlook to a PST file, you should at least still have those e-mails in the PST file.

Actually, eM Client can import data from Outlook directly, if I’m not mistaken … no need to do that via a PST file.

Maybe when you imported this PST file, the imported e-mails did not go to the ‘sent’ folder of your e-mail account?

Maybe you can try to search for 1 or more e-mails using the ‘search’ function of eM Client? Just look for text of which you know should be in one of your e-mails from before July 29. Hopefully your e-mails will then show up and you can see in which folder they are stored.

Your database folder is stored in your local folder > App Data > Roaming > eM Client.
I was trying to suggest if your emails were deleted from the application, you won’t be able to access them anymore.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Kyle,

Is this issue already solved for you?