Archiving of local folders?

Is there a means to prevent local folders from being included in auto-archiving? They seem to be archived, but this is really senseless since they are already local, not on the server.

More on the background. I use IMAP for my e-mail accounts so that I can, in general, get my e-mail “anywhere.” But I don’t want to build up mail on my ISP forever so I am archiving mail over 30 days old on my PC.

Also on my PC are local folders where I keep things such as itineraries, pending orders, etc. These are in a local folder. I really do not want these items moved to the archive folder because I forget they are there.

Hello Stephen,
the auto-archiving of Local folders is a bug, I reported it to our programmers and we’ll get it fixed. Thank you for reporting it.


I am experiencing this issue at the current time as well.  Is there an update on whether this is supposed to be fixed?  Is there a setting that I am missing to disable the archive of local folders?

Hi Scott.

What version of eM Client are you using?

In the current versions, you can choose which account to use for auto-archiving. If the account is stored in local folders it will archive it. That is not a bug.