Archiving of local folders?

Is there a means to prevent local folders from being included in auto-archiving? They seem to be archived, but this is really senseless since they are already local, not on the server.

More on the background. I use IMAP for my e-mail accounts so that I can, in general, get my e-mail “anywhere.” But I don’t want to build up mail on my ISP forever so I am archiving mail over 30 days old on my PC.

Also on my PC are local folders where I keep things such as itineraries, pending orders, etc. These are in a local folder. I really do not want these items moved to the archive folder because I forget they are there.

Hello Stephen,
the auto-archiving of Local folders is a bug, I reported it to our programmers and we’ll get it fixed. Thank you for reporting it.


I am experiencing this issue at the current time as well.  Is there an update on whether this is supposed to be fixed?  Is there a setting that I am missing to disable the archive of local folders?

Hi Scott.

What version of eM Client are you using?

In the current versions, you can choose which account to use for auto-archiving. If the account is stored in local folders it will archive it. That is not a bug.

Please explain [in “idiot’s” English for a Luddite] how to archive messages in local folders. My backup file is now over 600 Mb in size and I would like to archive anything older than 2022

Archiving won’t change the size of the backup, as the backup includes the archive folder. In fact with local archiving it is essential to have a backup as those messages no longer exist on the server.

These blog pages deal with archiving:

Archive your emails easily with eM Client | eM Client

How to work with Automatic Backups in eM Client | eM Client

How long should you keep emails for? | eM Client

Automatic archiving is also described in the Documentation (F1). Just search for it.

Hi Gary

At last, someone to talk to!

I may be doing things entirely wrong, so please help , if you can

Aside from the issue of backups including the archive folder [which I shall have to resolve], I have 2 pop Gmail accounts on EmClient [none IMAP] and each time I set Automatic archiving, nothing happens - should it work with pop Gmail accounts? As each email arrives, I copy it to a local folder and then delete it from the server. I have always done it this way, but clearly that is NOT the preferred method. So, my local folders file size [and backup] is expanding, and I am at a loss as to how to reduce it.

I am over 80 and with BSc and a Masters in computing subjects [when working, I designed and built MS Access databases], but am totally baffled as to how to proceed. When did explanations change from “click this button” to vast diatribes that are unreadable to a novice?

When I select automatic archiving, I select “every 364 days” and "archive older than 365 days, then select my 2 accounts, and for each say "archive 'All Mail Folders - nothing ever happens, even if I select “None” - especially when I click on “Perform archiving”. why? what am I doing wrong? When I see the window to watch the video, It will not run. I am using Windows 10 with Brave browser [it will not run in Firefox either]. When I click on “see with You Tube”, it runs so fast , and without words, that I can not see what to do. Is there a commentary?

Help please

If you are using POP3, the messages are already local as POP3 stores the messages on your device, not on the server. You don’t need to move them to another local folder. They are already local.

If you want to reduce the size of the folders, you will need to delete messages. The backup is just a copy of those folders.

You have selected for the automatic archiving to run every 364 days - so once a year. If you wait for a year, the first one will start.

Hi Gary
Thanks for your reply BUT I only understood the 3rd one
As for the 1st answer, where, precisely, are the local folders on my “device”? If they are all in the Inbox, that does not suffice to identify the source, so that is why I copy them to a named folder locally.
As for the 2nd answer, I am deleting the messages after copying, but the backup size is growing?
Finally, where, precisely, are the emails being archived?
Many thanks for all you help
Confused of Hove

Any folders in eM Client except those syncing from IMAP or Exchange servers are local.

As you only have POP3 accounts, ALL folders are local.

You are receiving new messages, so the size if the folder is growing. As the backup is just a copy of your database, it will grow as the folders grow.

This was covered in the links I gave you: " Where to find archived emails? For the automatic archive, it goes into the local Archive folders located below your other account folders."

Hi Gary

Thanks for your reply.

I do get that the backup will increase in size because new messages are received BUT what is the difference between me creating a local folder and copying in the appropriate email message and the message before deleting them and being stored by “the system” locally? Where, exactly, are these local folders? Can I see them?

Do I need to delete messages from GMail itself if I have copied them to my created local folders in order for the backup size to reduce?

On my 3rd point I meant where are they being archived from [your server or my PC], not where are they going

More confused than ever
Dave B [of Hove]

Hi Gary

Many thanks for your help so far

As I mentioned before, the EmClient video on Automatic Archiving is not viewable by anyone [like me!] with poor eyesight. Is there a version with voice sound-track? If so, where? If not, why not?

I have managed to create archive folders by archiving the “In Box” alone at an earlier date and have created 2no screen shots of what I see - please supply an email address to send them to

I have local folders ticked in Settings/General/General etc., but, aside from those I have manually created, can not see others where pop messages are stored [and from which they would be archived] - please advise how I can see them

I shall be out Thursday until around 2pm, but at home thereafter - I look forward to resolving this puzzle

Dave B [from Hove]

Hi again Gary

Well, I am making progress, of a sort!

I found out that the Favourites InBox [both email addresses] has 15 emails in it BUT the local folders only has 12. This led me to examine both in detail, and I found that the “missing” 3 emails were all in the 2nd email address, and that this 2nd address does not have “local folders”. By sheer luck [and perseverance], I found a blog that addresses this missing element, so I need to re-create the local folders for the 2nd email address [unless a later version has already addressed this issue?].

This does not explain why I only have 15 emails, whereas the folders I created have thousands. Nor does it explain why, if you do not want users to create their own folder tree for pop accounts, why that option is available. And further, why can I not copy nor move messages to my local folder from their present location?

I have to say that I find your explanations less than convincing and I am considering moving to another platform. I realise that this will cause me more heartache, and you will lose a customer, but am not convinced that your write-ups actually address my issues, nor are they suitable for a person of my age and skill level [80 years old, poor eyesight and hearing, with 2no computing degrees and an I.Q. north of 150 [when I joined Mensa].

Thank you for all your help thus far - I will muddle along for a while yet, in the vain hope of finding the answers I need!

Yours [very frustrated]
Dave B. [Hove]

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