Archiving Local Folders in my Documents Library

Hi everyone,
I’m new to the Forum, but have been an eMclient user for a number of years, and have two problems that I hope you’ll be able to help this decrepit old man with.

Prob. 1 ) Since downloading the latest version of eMclient I appear to have two In,Junk, Sent, etc boxes, which means that I cannot view my Local Folders, without moving them up the screen. Is there any way that I can hide/remove this mirror image of those boxes?

Prob. 2) Is there any way that I can “drag and drop” individual Local Folders from eMclient to a library of them in My Documents library?
I use Windows 7 64bit and have absolutely no intention of moving to Win 10.
I’ve tried eMclient’s “backup” system and it works perfectly, so long as I can read my archived emails in something called .dat, whatever that is. I have also looked at the FAQ’s on your forum and they all seem to talk about automatically archiving In, Junk and Sent boxes.
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Go to Menu > Accounts, and see if you have the same email account listed twice. If so make a backup using Menu > Backup, then delete one of them.

Not by dragging the folder. But if you are in the folder in eM Client, choose Ctrl + A to select all the messages, then drag the highlighted messages to Windows Explorer, or right-click and select Save As.

Many thanks Gary.
Have cleaned up my Local Folders and sorted the twin accounts.

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