Archiving limitation?

I thought this facility could be helpful so went to Tools/Settings/Mail/Automatic Archiving . . . half way down screen c/w my email address is shown Account preferences > Archiving Scope > None. What would I need to do to implement the facility?

I found a right click allowed me options to include

Hi, if you click on the option (‘None’), you should be able to change the archiving scope for that account to either Inbox, Inbox and Subfolders or All folders. Select one of the available option based on your preferences.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul - I’ve just spent a frustrating half an hour trying to find your above answer by using appropriate key search words - nothing found. And then I thought I may have had this question before . . presto, under my own profile I had indeed asked and you answered as above. Can’t you tag this answer more effectively? eg archive, settings, automatic archiving, archiving scope. Cheers