Archiving emails on my phone in Gmail isn't updated in eM Client

Hello! I’m a longtime eM Client user but recently whenever I archive an email using the Gmail app on my phone the email stays in the inbox as unread in eM Client. I can confirm that the email is archived when I login to the Gmail web interface. I force a send/receive in eM Client and it runs successfully but doesn’t update the email status as read or archived. I’m using eM Client v9.1.2109 (9967b93). Thanks!

I’m having the same issue. Did you ever get a resolution?

whenever I archive an email using the Gmail app on my phone the email stays in the inbox as unread in eM Client.

I cannot replicate that problem using the latest Gmail app for Android and the same eM Client version. Any read archived emails using the Gmail app in the Inbox are automatically reflected in Gmail online and in eM Client within a few seconds later. Then only show in All Mail in eM Client as read.

If you “don’t use your mobile app” to archive email in the inbox and archive email instead directly in Gmail inbox via the web browser, does eM Client still show the email in the Inbox in eM Client ?

If it does still show in eM Client Inbox when archiving via Gmail in the web browser, then sounds like either “there is a program installed locally on the computer” that is interfering with eM Client reflecting the change from your Gmail online IMAP account (like an eg: Optional Antivirus program / Firewall-Security program or VPN etc), or “there is a problem with your Gmail account” in eM Client and the Gmail IMAP account then may just need removing and re-adding in eM Client as is not synching.

Now if the Gmail Inbox archived message, then doesn’t show in eM Client Inbox and only shows in “All Mail” in eM Client “when you archive directly via the web browser” in Gmail, then that would be a Gmail App problem and suggest then to reinstall the app.

Note:- Also check in “Menu / Settings / General” and in the “Synchronization settings” it’s by default set around 10 mins. So could be also that eM Client just hasn’t automatically synced & needs to do that.

I have the same issue. Archiving on phone OR gmail web interface only archives some messages in eM Client. Even after Refresh and restarting eM Client. Everyday it’s at least a few emails that I have to manually move to All Mail in eM Client

Same issue here. If this isn’t fixed, I’m just going to use another app instead of eM Client. I can’t be archiving my emails twice every time I check.